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New Sheeting & Shearing Capability

In line with our growth and expansion plan, we are pleased to announce we have an addition to our machine and facility range at Rollcut Limited.

Our new machine is capable of processing

Hessian | PVC Fabric | Non-Woven Fabric | Woven Polypropylene | Geotextiles | Cotton Scrims | Polyester

Our facility can accommodate up to 2.1m wide, with length determined only by your application.  There are two ways we can cut fabrics on this facility. We cut Woven Polypropylene, Geotextiles and Polyester fabrics using the heated wire system. This ensures that there is no fraying of fibers from the cut edge giving superior strength when used in a furniture application such as beds or sofas where the fabric may be stapled.

For Non Woven, Medical, Hessian and PVC fabrics where fraying is not an issue, we use the shear blade facility. This ensures the straightest possible finish on both the cut edges of the sheets giving us maximum accuracy for your application.

Due to the fact we can run multiple master rolls at any given time on this machine, we are pleased to be able to offer this service at very competitive rates on a contract basis or a supply and sheet basis.

Please do not hesitate to call or contact through the website to inquire how we can assist your production needs, be this for Sofa Manufacturing, Bed Manufacturing, Mulch Mats, Non Woven Medical Fabric Sheets, Banner Display, Sacks and Bags and Geotextile Tree Planting Squares just to name a few.


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